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Working to the client requirements, we can provide an in-depth pre-deployment predictive survey using site floorplans to show the best AP placement for optimal coverage and channel utilisation.

Too many times, we have seen badly installed wireless hardware after using a best-guess method of placement. From creating a predictive survey of the sites we find that using fewer, correctly placed APs and configured professionally provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution than flooding buildings with multiple wireless access points to cover problem areas.

We also provide a fault-finding and health check survey which can highlight points of interference and black spots of no coverage around buildings using spectrum analysis.

These can often be  easily resolved with a simple configuration change to save our customers time and from wasting resources.

wireless surveys - jellyfish communications

Post-installation surveys can also be required on sites to confirm predicted coverage and can be data rates have been achieved. This survey will also highlight any real world interference issues that would not be detected on a predictive survey.

We have years of experience providing wireless surveys to turn key wireless solutions.
We conduct our surveys using a state of the art Ekahau sidekick as this gives a more precise reading, but if preferred, we can provide Airmagnet surveys if required.

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